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Golden Teacher Magic Mushroom Microdosing Capsules [4 grams]

Golden Teacher Magic Mushroom Microdosing Capsules-1
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Mushroom Microdosing Capsules - Penis Envy - [4 Gram - .25g x 16 capsules]

The Golden Teachers mushroom strain is a milder potency form of Psilocybe Cubensis that can be used for micro-dosing. Each micro-dosing capsule contains .25g with a total of 16 capsules equaling 4 grams, so you can easily manage your dose.

Golden Teacher Microdosing Effects

With micro-dosing, your goal is to stay on top of your life without getting high. You can use it to feel better, get creative, and be more productive. When you are struggling with mental health, it may help you feel calm and focused, which may promote inner peace.

It is important to note that psychedelics are not specific amplifiers and might not be appropriate for those with anxiety disorders. Psychedelics' effects can be nullified by antidepressants.

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