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Best Weed Strains for 2024 at Washington Dispensary

Cannabis plants are truly remarkable. These plants with their medicinal properties combined with modern technology have revolutionized our world. Where there used to be only four main weed strains, there are currently over 200 recognized strains to pick and choose from. 

A Washington dispensary is a perfect place to visit if you enjoy sampling different cannabis strains so you can test the powerful effect these flower products can provide. These dispensaries will give you access to some of the finest cultivated weed strains in existence. 

Let’s take a look at some spirit-enflaming cannabis cultures to try when you visit a dispensary in Washington DC. 

Varying Weed Strain Types

When you shop weed flower, you will come across plenty of interesting names. Freezania, Granny in Space, Wedding Crashers, and many others. These weed flower strains don’t just vary in the pleasant aroma and undertones they offer. They are carefully cultivated to offer very specific results. 

There are four main weed strain types which include the following;

Indica Strains

Indica strains are preferable for lazy days at home and are often used to treat mental health conditions or pain. These strains have a higher CBD percentage and they tend to offer a very relaxing and stress-relieving effect. 

Sativa Strains

These strains tend to contain more THC than CBD. They are perfect for weekend party nights because sativa strains tend to make you feel very happy. Many also love to use this strain to boost their energy levels so they can be more productive at work. 

Hybrid Strains

Hybrid strains are cultivars that are developed by combining sativa and Indica cannabis strains. These flower types can provide mixed effects and their potency level and effects can vary a lot. 


This is a very new weed species and it is still uncommon in most parts of the world. The newly discovered weed strain is expected to be very popular among daily users because the THC potency levels of these weed cultivars are very low. This means you won’t get overwhelming effects but can still treat mild conditions. 

Most Popular Weed Varieties for 2024

Cannabis strains also rise and fall in popularity over time. This is only natural since users can sometimes get a bit bored with the same thing. Luckily, master gardeners are constantly cultivating some new and fun hybrids or strains that can spice up your day. If you are looking for a weed cultivar that is currently trending in DC then you can givve the following types a try. 

Cereal Milk 

Cereal Milk from Firehouse OZ Special is a terrific 50% indica / 50% sativa hybrid to try during the weekend. It is also a terrific marijuana for those who prefer weed with a sweeter aroma.

This weed strain isn’t too powerful with its 18 - 23 % THC potency level. It can be a good option for everyday recreational use. 

If you indulge in a cereal milk joint during the weekend, you will quickly feel a lot calmer, more relaxed and you can even feel more social. 

This weed will instantly burn away negative effects like pain, depression, fatigue, stress, and nausea and will leave you feeling chilled and full of life. 

Black Gelato

Black Gelato by Oz Special  Has a slight body-high effect which can help treat depression. It is also a good option for people with a lot of work stress or anxiety since the Indica-dominant strain has powerful relaxing effects. Many also leverage this specific strain to soothe muscle spasms and it can be a good treatment for chronic pain like arthritis or back pain. 

Black Gelato is quite potent with a 20% THC content and it has a 60% indica and 40% sativa range. The buds offer a sweet fruity taste with skunky herb undertones.  

Georgetown Glaciers

Greater Goods Georgetown is a popular master gardener who is constantly launching new and exciting weed strains. The Georgetown Glacier exotic strain is particularly popular because it is so incredibly powerful. This exotic weed strain has a remarkable 58% THC potency level. 

The hybrid can make you feel very euphoric and happy but it will also soothe and relax your body. Many users also tend to feel a lot more creative after smoking a Georgetown Glaciers joint. 

This flower is a lot stronger than most flower types and is no option for novices. Only highly experienced cannabis users should try this strain.

Alaskan Thunder

Alaskan Thunder is a potent hybrid that will relight the spark within your soul. With a  THC content of 34%, this weed strain is quite powerful. Budtenders will only recommend it to experienced users. 

Smoking Alaskan thunder will make you feel very lively and happy.  Some also feel a lot more relaxed after smoking Alaskan Thunder joints.

You can use this flower to treat all sorts of mental health conditions. Many find Alaskan thunder helpful for soothing their moods while dealing with depression or bipolar disorder. Some also love to indulge in this delectable flower when they suffer from headaches or migraines. You can use Alaskan Thunder early in the morning because it will boost your energy levels and productivity. It will wear down throughout the day to leave you feeling very tired and will help you sleep very deeply at night. 


Firestorm from Top Shelf is a perfect hybrid to try if you want to ignite the embers of your spirit with a rich euphoric experience or need to set your creativity levels ablaze. Many who burn this energy-enhancing weed strain also find the effects calming, and uplifting and some might even feel a little bit sleepy.

The firestorm strain mostly has an enflaming effect which is good for treating pain and depression. Its calming side effects also make the hybrid suitable for treating depression and insomnia. 

This 50% Indica / 50% Sativa strain is only suitable for experienced users because it is quite potent with a 27% THC ratio. 

Premium Weed Strains at The Firehouse Washington Dispensary

You can find all of these fine-quality weed strains, and many others, at Firehouse Dispensary Washington. 

Our dispensary is a must-visit if you love to sample different weed types and if you are looking for premium-quality flower. 

Our dispensary is fully licensed, allowing you to easily buy legal weed. With our convenient positioning, friendly staff, and expert advice, you will always have the best experience while shopping at Firehouse or indulging in the pleasures these products have to offer. 

A Final Puff

Firehouse Washington dispensary is the perfect dispensary to trust if you love to sample different weed strains. We have a large flower menu to select from and are constantly upgrading our inventory with new and exciting flower variants to try.

Visit our dispensary at 903 U Street NW in Washington DC and have a blast setting new and exciting bud flavors ablaze. 

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