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Vaping VS Smoking Cannabis: Which Method is Right for You?

Vaping VS Smoking Cannabis

Is it better to puff on a modern cartridge filled with premium extracts? Or will you get better effects if you stick to the traditional joint smoking method?

Our weed store in Washington DC did a bit of investigation on how these two smoking methods can vary. Here is a quick look at the leading differences between cartridges and flowers so you can find a method that is right for you.

Leading Differences Between The Vaping and Smoking Experience

Choosing between traditional weed flower smoking and modernized cartridges or vapes can be a tough choice to make, especially if you are still a bit new to these sensational products.

Our guide makes it a little bit easier to make a calculated decision. Let’s take a look at how these two products compare in all different aspects of puffing so you can pick the right one and get all the effects and advantages you could ever hope for. Our guide makes it a little bit easier to make a calculated decision. Let’s take a look at how these two products compare in all different aspects of puffing so you can pick the right one and get all the effects and advantages you could ever hope for.


If you are puffing on a tight budget then you might be interested in finding the most affordable smoking solution.If you are puffing on a tight budget then you might be interested in finding the most affordable smoking solution.

Truth be told, it is a bit hard to find out which of these two options are the cheapest. Both weed flower and cartridges can vary a lot in terms of price. High-end brands and scarcer or more potent cultivars tend to be more expensive than entry-level goodies.

On the whole, weed flowers tend to be more affordable compared to concentrated products. The reason for this is quite simple. Concentrated products undergo various processes and might include some advanced tech devices like electronic cigarettes. The manufacturing processes are a lot more complex, involve a lot more labor, and ultimately increase the overall cost of the product.

For the cheapest puffing sessions, it is always good to focus on a traditional flower.


Personal preference may play a role when it comes to taste. Cannabis veterans tend to prefer pure flowers because the pungent taste and slight burning sensation offer a more authentic feel and taste.

Some cannabis enthusiasts do, however, feel that modern vapes taste better. These products come in a greater variety of flavors, vapes offer a more stable puffing experience since the temperature is perfectly controlled, and some also feel that the cannabis taste is more pronounced in vapes.

In terms of taste, you might find more joy and diversity when you indulge in cartridges.


Both weed flowers and cartridges come in all sorts of fragrances.

In traditional flowers, the cultivar has the biggest impact and aromas can vary from pungent and skunk-like to sweet with dessert-like undertones.

Cartridges, on the other hand, are infused with other fragrances and are available in a greater variety of aromas.

The main difference is that vapes tend to be less pungent compared to traditional weed flowers. Puffing on a vape won’t make your home and clothing smell as bad and can be more discreet.


Vapes definitely take the lead in terms of convenience.

Traditional weed flowers need to be weighted and rolled into a joint before you can puff on them. They also leave behind a lot of residue, ash, and smoke that needs to be cleaned.

With vapes, there is no need to prep for your puffing session. Simply turn on your vape and draw in the delicious fragrance without causing a mess inside your home.

On the other hand, pre-rolls can prove to be almost as convenient since you can simply light them and start puffing. The filter is also very easy to discard.


Vaping tends to be much cleaner with less smoke building up on interior walls, no ash accumulating on the sofa, and no leftover buds to discard. The overall smell is less compared to puffing on joints which means you won’t run through as many home fragrances.


For most cannabis users, the effect is the most important aspect. You are, after all, indulging in these pleasurable remedies in search of relief.

The effects of vaping and smoking are very different, even when the products have equal amounts of TCH. These are two very different experiences and the intensity of the high you feel after puffing can vary.

In general, you do need to be a little bit more cautious when vaping because vapes tend to result in a stronger effect and the effects are longer lasting. Sometimes, you might still feel the delicious puffing sensations 8 hours after drawing on your vape.


Both cartridges and weed flowers should take effect within 10 to 15 minutes after taking that first draw. The duration of effects can, however, vary.

The high for weed flower typically lasts 2 to 4 hours while the high for vapes can sometimes still be felt up to 10 hours after smoking.

With this in mind, vaping might be a more desirable treatment plan for those with medical issues.


Both vapes and traditional weed flowers offer incredible diversity. There are over 700 cannabis strains to pick and choose from and vapes can be made from any of these strains.

Cartridges may offer a bit more diversity since these devices can include other aromas or fragrances like fruity tones.

On the other hand, pre-rolls are often infused with concentrates like rosin to enhance their taste and efficiency.

It is almost safe to say that cartridges and flowers are at a tie in terms of diversity.


Cartridges are made from concentrated plant-based extracts. As a result, some of these devices can be remarkably potent. Manufacturers usually produce these products with potency levels that range from quite low to extremely high. This is so they can accommodate the needs of different individuals.

Weed flower cultivars can also vary quite a lot in strength. More affordable cultivars usually have a lower strength level while premium or high-end flowers can be much stronger.

You are bound to find a dosage strength level that suits your treatment needs in either one of these product types.

The Best Cannabis Dispensary in Washington DC for Fiery Weed and Vapes

Whether a cartridge or traditional joint is best for you depends on what you want from your puffing experience and your preferred smoking habits. It is a personal choice and many cannabis enthusiasts enjoy sampling or alternating between these product types because it can be fun to compare the effects.

Firehouse DC is a terrific cannabis dispensary in Washington DC to visit whether you prefer smoking or vaping. We offer a wide range of the finest flowers to be found in DC and stock cartridges from the finest brands.

When you visit, you can pick and choose from all of the finest cultivars ever produced by master gardeners. Or you can marvel at all of the incredible flavors and aromas that vape brands managed to develop.

Indulge in Fiery Sensations When you Visit Firehouse DC

We welcome you to come and visit Firehouse DC. Our recreational dispensary in Washington DC offers the best in terms of quality, diversity, and affordability. Visit us now and set all of your senses ablaze.

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